Send request for baggage service in Copenhagen


We can help you in many ways when it comes to remove your luggage hassle!

  • FULL CHECK-IN at your hotel for selected airlines – drop queue and check-in at airport
  • We take your luggage from HOTEL TO AIRPORT (or AirBnB, etc.)
  • We take your luggage from AIRPORT TO HOTEL (or AirBnB, etc.)
  • CRUISE service,
    • bring luggage from cruise ship to airport og your accomodation
    • briung luggage from your accomodation to your cruise ship
  • Special VIP services like:
    • Luggage services for private jets
    • VIP check-in with private lounge and limo direct to your plane
  • Arriving or deprting by train? We can also help here with your luggage
  • Limo or taxi services – we can arrange for you

We have handled many different tasks, so if you have any special needs and priorties, please ask us, and we find a solution for you in Copenhagen.